A broken butterfly sparks Super's healing process as he struggles with isolation and self worth.


In an Upper West Side Manhattan building, a Superintendent dwells in a self imposed isolation as he attempts to fix objects he picks up from the trash transforming them into beautiful objects.

When Super finds a broken butterfly, he gets interrupted by Jack, a scheming tenant who short on cash sees a money making opportunity in selling Super’s treasures and by Liz, the beautiful new office assistant who is worried about the building maintenance.

While struggling to let go of his past, Super realizes he could miss out on companionship, love, and opportunities that the present is offering him. It is only until Jack takes Super's cherished hoards that he must decide between clinging to the past or letting it all go.


In the quest of personal transformation, pain, trust and love become the driving forces. Anyone who sets out to challenge their coping strategies, who questions destructive behavior in pursuit of internal growth, discovers the wonders of the self and has a shot to live a more fulfilling life. 

As a filmmaker and a storyteller, I have always been fascinated with human behavior and the way people relate to each other, with the possibilities a person has if they only challenged their beliefs.  

When we meet Super, our hero, we find him in a state of denial of reality, destined to a life of self imposed isolation, angry and heart broken. As the story progresses he will find himself facing certain challenges like letting go of the past and finding love in the present.

“Recycle” in essence is rebirth. The message of this film is acceptance of the past. Coming to terms with our experiences however traumatic they might have been is essential to moving on. Our old beliefs can keep us trapped in destructive behaviors that are happening in the present unable to let us see that we have choices.

In this story, Super isolates himself and lives in fantasy, as he is unable to cope with his feelings of loss and pain. As the story progresses and his world is assaulted by different characters, Super’s struggle to come to terms with his past begins. We see Super on the brink of leaving his delusional world behind when he faces opportunities for love, friendship and self worth.